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Entertainer area

View lists, registrations, information about  attendees. Make the call, add registrations, payments... 

The ANIMATOR area has been completely redesigned to optimize its use.

🔆 New design, new functions, new layout, everything is done to make the tool more practical, more intuitive and more enjoyable. In addition, the "FULL-RESPONSIVE" display allows optimum use on all types of devices (mobiles, tablets, PCs, etc.) .  

⚠️ IMPORTANT: An activity is made up of one or more sessions. Each session is independent. Each session is associated with at least 1 age group (= CLUB)

ℹ️ QUOTA = number of places for the activity session

ℹ️ SessionSTATUS : here are the 3 possible statuses for a session:

Confirmed (= default status) => the session is visible to customers, they can register

Closed => the session is not visible to customers, they cannot register for it

Canceled => the session is visible and indicated "cancelled" for customers, they cannot register


1. On the Administrator space, find the login credentials of the Animator space on the "configuration" page, on the "User accounts" tab

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2. Log in to the login page:

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1. connexion
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View club activities (age group) of your choice

View the activity of your choice

Show previous/next day

Display the day of your choice

Find an activity or a group (club)

Today's statistics

Sessions currently in progress are highlighted in yellow

Modify the Quota or the status of the session by clicking on the box "Number of registrants"

Display the list of registered participants by clicking on a session

This page displays the list of activities/day. Find all the statistics per day and per session: registrations, presences, absences... From this page you can modify the quota (number of places) of a session. You can also change the status of a session: "Confirmed" - "Closed" - "Cancelled"; this allows you to temporarily or permanently "hide" a session so that your customers no longer see it and can no longer register for it (see chapter 4: QUOTA & Status of sessions ) .

2. Daily activities page

2. Page "Activités du jour"

3. "List of participants" page

This page displays the list of registered and/or present participants for the chosen session. Each session is associated with an age group (CLUB)  => participants whose age is not included in this age group cannot register for the session.

On this page you can view all the important information of each participant, and you can also:

• Indicate that a participant is present at the activity

• Indicate that a participant has left the activity

• Search for a participant

• Register a participant

• Indicate a payment received

• Telephone

• Send an email

• Send PUSH notification

• Edit the description of the activity

• Modify the Quota and the status of the session 

1. "Wide" display  (pc, tablet, etc.)

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Show previous/next session of this activity

Back to "Today's Activities" page

Change Quota or session status

Session statistics

Find a participant or family

Access MENU: Send a notification - Edit the "activity description"

Indicate a "present" participant

Indicate a "gone" participant

Once the activity is over, registered and absent participants are automatically marked as "ABSENT"

Register/unregister a participant in the session

Indicate receipt or cancellation of a payment

View attendee and family information

2. "Reduced" display (smartphone)

The left menu and the registration and payment buttons are hidden. To register/unregister a participant or indicate a payment, click on the participant to display their information.

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Capture d’écran 2022-04-02 à 11.44.00.png

⚠️  A participant does not appear? Find it with  function  "research". If he does not appear in the search, it is because today's date is not included in his dates of stay =>  the client can modify his dates of stay  from  his personal account.

i ️ You can register or indicate "present" a participant who does not have the required age thanks to the "search" function. On the other hand, this same participant will not be able to register from his personal account. A future development will soon allow you to "unblock" a participant so that he can register himself despite not having the required age.

😉 TIP: At the reception of a family or siblings => click on a participant of the family in question  (any)and all family members are then displayed on the participant's file. You can indicate them "present" in 1 click!

Very practical for blended families whose participants do not have the same SURNAME.

3. Page "Liste des participants"

4. QUOTA & session status

Each session of an activity is independent and can therefore benefit from different settings.

1. View session settings

You can modify the quota and/or the status by clicking on the green "Number of registrants" box on the activity page and the list of participants of a session, and from the menu of the list of participants.

Daily activities page                                                                                      Page  "List of participants"

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Flèche eco_edited_edited_edited.png

2. Modify the QUOTA and/or the STATUS of a session

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Enable/disable QUOTA. For the QUOTA to be "unlimited": uncheck this box

Indicate the desired QUOTA for the chosen session.The other sessions of the activity are not impacted.

Change session STATUS :

Confirmed (= default status) => the session is visible to customers, they can register

Closed => the session is not visible to customers, they cannot register for it

Canceled => the session is visible and indicated "cancelled" for customers, they cannot register

i ️ If there are registrants on the sessions you close or cancel, they are kept. You can temporarily close or cancel a session and "reopen" it (=  Confirm) whenever you want. 

4. QUOTA & statut des séances

5. Push notifications

6. Description of the activity

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