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Your customers :

Offer a user-friendly online concierge tool.

Simple and intuitive, ANIM  Live  "HOME" allows you to interact with your customers before, during and after their stay.

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  • Register online before their stay



  • View all information and activity programs before and during their stay



  • 1 click for activities, infrastructures ...



  • View live the number of places available for each activity



  • Book take-out food online,

        digitize your cards and menus




  • The customer account is stored; during his next stay, he will not need to register again.

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Your staff:

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  • Has a complete and efficient list and workforce management web interface


  • View registrations for each activity


  • Indicates the participants present at the activity


  • For the mini-club, the activity leaders have all the important information for children: learn more


  • A second administration interface is made available to manage content and configuration


  • Follow "live" registrations and activity attendance rate


  • A dedicated statistics tool allows you to compare your activities and your attendance, every day, every week, every season ... by age and by nationality ...


Contact us

+33 (0)6 74 99 75 53
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