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your design

Personalize your app by setting your own color themes

You can now customize the colors of the texts, titles, subtitles, as well as the color of the buttons of the app so that it looks like you!

Your color themes will be visible to your customers throughout the app:

- Presentation of the establishment

- Welcome booklet

- Descriptions of activities

- All main app buttons

1. Preamble

New design and new layout for a simpler and more pleasant configuration. Rest assured, only the design and layout have changed, the operation remains the same!

⚠️ Editing activity programs is only possible from the ADMINISTRATOR space

It is important to know how the activities are composed and how they are displayed for your customers so that you can optimize your display on ANIM Live and communicate effectively about your activities!

COMPOSITION of 1 activity:

​An activity is made up of:

- 1 detailed content (Name, logo, description ...)

- 1 setting of registration limits (if you want access to be limited 


  • 1 banner per activity with:

    • activity LOGO​

    • Start time

    • NAME of the activity

    • Duration

    • Subtitle(optional - only displayed if filled in)

    • Session name (optional - only displayed if filled in)

    • Age range for which the activity is aimed (not displayed if no age restriction)

    • Number of places available (live")

    • The avatars of the participants having the required age for the activity

    • The tariff (optional - only displayed if filled in)

    • For multiple sessions, a drop-down menu appears for select the time of your choice

    • An arrow indicates that you can click to find out more => displays the description of the activity

  • 1 Description by activity with:

    • The activity banner

    • Start time - end time

    • Venue

    • Pictures

    • Texts

    • Buttons(web links, phone number, email, address ...)

ℹ️It is important to note that your customers now have access to the detailed description of the activity. As far as possible, we recommend that you only use theSubtitleand thesession nameonly when you need to show essential information! The lighter and clearer your program, the more it will be understandable by your customers. The curious will not fail to display the detailed description of the activity that interests them!

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1. connexion


1. Settings

Find the color settings on the "Digital booklet" page, on the "settings" tab

Flèche eco_edited_edited_edited.png
Capture d’écran 2022-05-25 à 09.48.11.png
Flèche eco_edited_edited_edited.png

2. Indicate the information main activity

Capture d’écran 2022-05-25 à 10.08.40.png

Discard changes

Save your work => the changes made will be visible to your customers

Change the order of areas (“drag and drop”)

Add title and/or text

Add a picture

Delete area. ⚠️ WARNING, this action is irreversible!

Visualize "live" the client rendering

Add a new area

5. Add images

ℹ️ Images are accepted in JPG, JPEG and PNG format. 

⚠️  For better rendering, we advise you to import your images at size: 500 x 200 pixels.

😉TRICK :Copy/paste Emoji and/or Symbols to improve your layouts and highlight your important information!

Windows:hold down the “windows” and “.”

➠ Mac:hold the "cmd", "ctrl" and "space" keys

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